Hosted by The Mountain Institute, the Woodlands Homesteading Festival is an opportunity to build neo-traditional skills, inspiring us enough to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps throughout the growing season.

Like all Mountain Institute endeavors, the approach to this conference is place-based.  West Virginia Old Time music and square dancing follow a local farm dinner.  Amidst one million acres of national forest, The Mountain Institute’s Spruce Knob Mountain Center swaths WHF attendees in a restorative bounty of warmth and vitality.

Woodlands are the heart of Appalachia: our great providers of material and sustenance.  Let us learn to grow within them, model their abundance, and form mutually beneficial relationships therein.  From West Virginia’s spruce forests we will celebrate the possibilities and find the means to Do It Ourselves.

The Mountain Institute works to empower people of mountain communities by integrating economic development and sustainability.  Self-sufficiency and community reliance run deep in Appalachian heritage.  Rather than being defined by big industry we hope to define ourselves by industrious communities.  The WHF is a chance for people to connect across these ridges and beyond.

Any proceeds benefit The Mountain Institute’s outdoor education programs.


Wound-Up from the Ground Up


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