The WHF is not what some might call a normal hotel conference.  Let’s think of it more as an adventure conference, not unlike “adventure climbing,” or The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.  The Spruce Knob Mountain Center is not the most predictable place on earth, so let’s clear up a few questions right off the bat.

–> How much is it?  Day passes: $15 in advance, $20 at the door, Camping: $15, Farm Dinner: $15

–>  June is summertime, right?     We’re not sure.  It’s a good idea to bring close-toed shoes, layers and rain gear to this mountain any time of year.

–>  Will there be food?     The Mountain Institute kitchen will serve a local farm dinner Saturday night.  Snacks, beverages, breakfast and lunch foods will be available for purchase at their respective times.  Limited refrigerator space is available if you bring perishables.

–>  Should I carpool?     Walking is our only form of public transportation around here, so we recommend carpooling.  See our Sharing page.

–>  Are there indoor rooms available for sleeping?     We have limited space available in our bunkhouses.  If you prefer to sleep inside, contact us early.

–>  My dog is my spirit animal and he never misbehaves.  Should I bring him?     No.  Although we believe your dog is lovely, we have had conflicts among pups here before and prefer you leave them behind.

–>  Do farming and music mix?     Yes.  Bring your instruments and your dancing shoes.

–>  If I am overwhelmed by crowds can I easily take to the woods from your facility?     Yes.  We are surrounded by one million acres of national forest and an access trail neighbors the camping area.

–>  Are facilities available for those tenting?     Yes.  There are restrooms and running water within short walking distance of the camping area.

–>  Is there cell phone service at The Mountain Institute?     Not usually.  We have land lines in case of emergencies.  Enjoy a wave-free weekend!

–>  Should I bring my debit card?     The nearest ATM is a half hour’s drive from here.  If you want to shop the vendors, bring cash.  If you are registering upon arrival, we prefer cash or check, but can accept credit cards.

–>  Can I surf the web at the WHF?     We would prefer you surfed the high plains under the darkest skies in the East, but if you need to use the inter-nets, they are available in slow-speed wireless at our Earth Shelter office, about a mile’s walk from the main facilities.

–>  I hear your buildings are “yurts.”  What the heck?     Indeed.  We’re not so linear here at TMI.  In honor of the renewing cycles that connect us all, our round buildings are inspired by Mongolian gers and designed by the legendary Bill Coperthwaite.  Our main yurt, actually four yurts in one, has struck the fancy of many a visitor since the 1970’s.

–>  Money isn’t my thing.  Can I trade for admission?    Possibly.  Limited volunteer positions are available.  Duties may include sign-posting, checking people in, greeting and orienting presenters, or lending an extra hand in the kitchen.  Send a letter of interest to egutierrez@mountain.org.

–>  What is your refund policy?     Everything but the price of the dinner will be refunded if you cancel before 48 hours of the event.  After that only 50% of the admission price will be refunded.  No-shows will not be refunded unless they’ve got a terribly good story to spin.


One Response to FAQ

  1. Rosey says:

    I love Eva FAQ’s I wish I could read them everyday

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